….eggciting week ahead

March 20, 2016

Painting eggs is something of a little hobby which began almost 35 years ago when the process of the dyed Ukrainian eggs was intriguing from an artistic point of view–meaning, the way/how it was done, not the desire to become overwhelmed with making intricate geometric designs.  So employing the method of using beeswax to wax over those parts of an egg one wanted kept white, then dropping the egg into coloured dye, again waxing over the area which would retain that dye’s colour, and dropping it into yet a different coloured dye and repeating the process until the entire egg was covered in wax.

At this point, the wax was removed by carefully holding it over a candle flame and wiping the melted wax free with a tissue.  Once the wax was removed, the egg was blown of its contents and if being used as a Christmas tree ornament, a string was affixed to the top.

Here is an example…..

duck eggs, email size

Quite a number of years later, the notion of doing away with the dye/wax method in favour of actually painting on the egg’s surface was experimented with.  This was successful but a huge breakthrough occurred when moving from painting chicken eggs to painting duck eggs.  A duck egg’s surface is not chalky like chicken eggs, but rather satiny smooth and extremely receptive to watercolour.  This was discovered while staying in The Philippines, where duck eggs were easily come by.

Painting a duck egg would be done, then the egg would be spray-lacquered so as to protect and seal the watercolour-painted surface.  Once completely dry, the insides would be blown out….


……and in honour of the 6th day of Christmas….


….which brings us to today and trying to replicate a moonlit rocky mountain scene on a duck egg purchased locally ($3.50/half doz) through craigslist and meeting the man carrying his trusty picnic cooler outside the supermarket:


A very Happy and Blessed Easter to all my blogging friends!


24 Responses to “….eggciting week ahead”

  1. What a satisfying painting project you have chosen! The results of your work are lovely and keepers!

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  2. Your title is eggsactly right for the post and your pictures provide good eggsamples of the technique.


  3. Cathe said

    Wow these are gorgeous, such beautiful jewels!

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  4. Happy Easter, Lance!

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  5. …Catherine, we’re looking forward to your new macro projects!


  6. They are amazing! Remind me not to share the ones I try lol.

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  7. Wonderful!! To get almost a sculpture out of painting …!

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  8. Thank you very much, Melanie–how I love your recent photographic postings


  9. THANK YOU Sharon–I wish you lots of chocolate, and a minimum of having to hunt for it!!!


  10. Wow these are so lovely! Fascinating to learn about the process, too. (l/e)

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  11. What wonderful hobby, I love all the detail and the egg stands. Thanks for sharing Lance.

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  12. ….Thank you Charlie! One time my sister gifted me with two peacock eggs which I never really got around to doing. Then one night, when asleep, I was wakened by this great exploding noise and went into the living room to discover rotten peacock egg and shell EVERYWHERE. It put me off egg painting for years–seriously (smile) it was about the most nauseating experience I’ve ever had.


  13. …Thank you Andrew–I enjoy following your woodworking projects very much.


  14. ….Bec, you’re pretty eggstraordinary yourself (smile) — thank you for liking my little hobby!


  15. Whoa… this is incredible!!! I had no idea you had such a cool little hobby. Stunningly beautiful work, Lance! 😍

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  16. Those are great. Really good work.

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  17. Wow lance these are eggstremly intricate, I am quite blown away…like the egg! You are so talented to paint so small and on a curved surface. Thank you for sharing. Bec

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  18. …THANK YOU Teri! Happy Easter!


  19. Teri C said

    Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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