Pop-up Christmas card progression, con’t . . .

December 16, 2021

….with the final design carbon traced onto a cream-coloured, blank notecard, the image is completed in watercolour —

4.5″ x 5.5″ notecard stock

…..and Christmas trees added, cuts carefully made with an x-acto knife, and scored folds added to then oh-so-carefully make the folds and the cuts pop out. And once a successful Christmas pop-up snowy cityscape with Christmas trees was successfully done, it was time to then make fifteen more of them . . .

The biggest surprise when doing this was discovering how well a dollar store package of six blank notecards with envelopes received watercolour. Painting on them was almost as forgiving and receptive as my go-to Arches Hot Press #140 watercolour paper — and, a package of 6 is $1. Even the envelopes could be festively painted over and made to look handmade.

4 Responses to “Pop-up Christmas card progression, con’t . . .”

  1. I’m so pleased to read this, Kerfe. Thank you.

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  2. Why thank you cousin Carroll! I hope you’ve now received yours!! 🎄


  3. Carroll Smith said

    Lance those are beautiful! ❤️

    Sent from my iPad


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  4. memadtwo said

    Magical! I love all the layers you created. (K)

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