Sky Positioning and Treatment II

July 1, 2020

Just as choosing to place one’s subject matter in front of bright sky produces remarkable effects as in the work of Joseph Zbukvic, so also can equally-remarkable effects be achieved when making the sky itself the subject.

An almost unparalleled master is a lesser known watercolourist than the celebrated J. Zbukvic, but a truly exquisite painter of both sea and sky, the Russian Sergey Temerev:

‘The Salty Wind, the Flowing Light’, Sergey Temerev
Sea and Sky watercolour by Sergey Temerev
‘Under the Vault of Shining Heavens’ by Sergey Temerev

Here is a video of him at work:

A Sergey Temerev workshop

Now, those are clouds.

9 Responses to “Sky Positioning and Treatment II”

  1. Thank you very much, sir!

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  2. ….like your photographs are to us, Michael

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  3. …thank you Kerfe for always being so supportive

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  4. These guys can do what they do, but they can never do what you do, Barry. I’m a fan.

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  5. I KNOW, right? wow.

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  6. 10,000 hours to become an expert, huh! I need that and more, which will make me 97.


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