Where Green Reigns Supreme

February 10, 2020

In watercolour-land much discussion takes place over how one goes about dealing with an abundance of greens in a given landscape. Summer landscapes abound with green, all of them different in hue and tone and degree. The old school adherents council the need to create greens from the various blues and yellows available on one’s pallet–that using those pre-mixed greens directly from tubes will only clash.

So if one is using Cobalt Blue for one’s sky, for example, using it with a Raw Sienna or New Gambodge for a foliage green will integrate it, anchor it and serve to unify the painting, as long as one then also uses the Raw Sienna and New Gambodge in other parts of the painting as well.

There are, however, such a huge variety of pre-mixed Greens being offered, it is almost too tempting not to use them, or at least borrow from them when mixing a blue and yellow, as was done in this little sketch of a Bulacan yard, Philippines. My spouse, Raul, is from there, and I stayed for a month each time over three years, a place so fresh and lush, it is a virtual and visual smorgasbord of every green there is.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is weisserlancebulacan-backyard5x7watercolour175.jpg
‘A Bulacan Backyard’
watercolour sketch, 5″ x 7″ on ordinary card
by Lance Weisser

4 Responses to “Where Green Reigns Supreme”

  1. …..oh, that is so kind and so confirming. It is so beautiful to be next to a rice field, watching the carabao plow the wet rows, the rhythm of the season, with planting and finally harvesting. THANK YOU so much.


  2. heavenliner said

    I know Bulacan. And your artwork indeed captures it. 😊

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  3. ….Antwerp Blue + Burnt sienna; Ultra. Blue + Quinacridone Gold; Burnt Sienna + Prussian Blue = very nice dark greens from these. I totally agree that it is a topic worthy of much conversation that I’m sure you share with your fortunate students, Barry!


  4. Important topic! I often deal with the range of greens in classes and workshops. Few things can kill a landscape painting better than a uni-green of Viridian. I almost always start with a blue and a yellow or near-yellow (Raw Sienna, for example). The only pre-mixed green in my palette is Pthalo. Although it’s a staining colour and very potent, it can add intensity to my more imaginative, and sometimes duller, combinations. I never use it alone and I almost always start with another colour first. For instance, deep greens with character can be mixed with Pthalo Green and Burnt Sienna. Also, an unusual range of ‘black’ greens can be made from Pthalo Green and some cool reds such as Rose Madder Quinacridone.

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