Winter Watercolours II

January 8, 2022

Seneca Park in Rochester, New York, was sledding paradise in the 1950s. Only the James Dean wanabees–cigarette-flaunting attention-starved teens–did Dead Man’s Hill: a rocky, tree-stumpy, pretzel-twisted cliff-face down into oblivion. The story went that some guy ripped the Red Flyer from a little kid and went down it standing up and got squashed against a blue spruce. What we all did was the one right beside it–Pine Tree Hill–with its rollercoaster steep drop, and triple-humped finish, ending nearly at the edge of Seneca Park Pond.

“Come home when the snow turns blue,” was our only caution before heading off–that magical time when the sun turned orangey-gold and dropped just below the fir tops, the shadows going from light grey to a rich cobalt. By the time we schlepped home, there were yellow lemon reflections over the deep violet yards beneath everyone’s dining room windows, and we knew we were just in time for supper.

“Winter Sun”, watercolour, by Lance Weisser [sold]

7 Responses to “Winter Watercolours II”

  1. ….this suggestion brings a smile, Lynn, thank you!


  2. “Come home before the snow turns blue” – maybe a subtitle for this beautiful painting?

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  3. Thank you Lance!

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  4. ….Kerfe, you are special to us who follow your work–thank you for this

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  5. ….thank you very much, David–your b&w photographs of the silently drifting trees in the park are stunning.

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  6. memadtwo said

    That would be a great first line for a story. Those colors are just right. (K)

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