Cloudscape 1

March 22, 2022

There’s a compositional rule advising painters that if the sky is the main element in a painting, then what lies below it ought to be kept simple and less important; and, conversely, if it’s the landscape which is the focus, then the sky should be suggested and there merely as a compliment to the rest of the painting. Of course, there are plenty of excellent paintings where this rule has been ignored. I think of Van Gogh whose complexities and intricacies fill every inch, and cause one’s eyes to dance around and be rewarded with a richness of technique.

Personally speaking, it seems better to go by that rule’s wisdom than pretend to be of the calibre and passion of a virtuoso like Van Gogh. Those who, like him, are driven body and soul to express their inner selves via their art aren’t likely to be ones who go by sensibility and convention in life as well as art. Those who, like me, have to screw up their courage in order to even put brush to paper, are appreciative of sound advice and guidance. And so, with this painting, I followed that compositional rule:

“Peace At Eve”
watercolour on Arches 140# Hot Press Paper, by Lance Weisser

12 Responses to “Cloudscape 1”

  1. Thank you very much, Lynn–you are always so encouraging. I appreciate your site so much.


  2. It’s beautiful and evocative, Lance.

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  3. ….Schnark, you and your site are always frank to the point of being provocative, and this assessment brings a smile as a result. So….the ‘smoke’ is cloud, and the trees are in the mists of cloud, thus, indeed ‘ghostly’, and atmospheric. I’m well, thank you, and wish the same to you and yours.


  4. Schnark said

    Perhaps I’m not your intended audience, and I like the picture, but I don’t quire know what I’m looking at.
    The birds make sense, but the trees look ghostly, and background looks like smoke. Is the title ironic, or am I misreading the painting, or is it misrepresented by my mini smartphone?!
    Hope you are well.

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  5. Goodness! Thank you, Lance! And you’re welcome. Your work really appeals to me.


  6. ….your site is a joy, Liz! Thank you for your appreciation of mine–Lance

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  7. ….I so appreciate your work, Susan, and this affirmation–Lance


  8. …oh, thank you for that, Kerfe!

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  9. memadtwo said

    I like all the layers. They draw you in. (K)

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  10. Well done! The effect is magical, rules or not!

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  11. I really like this painting.It has a 19th-century landscape feel to it.

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