Winter Watercolours IV

January 17, 2022

This snowscape was commissioned by Ellen for her newly-acquired home some years ago. Some commissions can be challenging simply because the painting the person who does the commissioning visualizes in his/her head may or may not mesh with the painting the artist ends up producing. At that moment when ‘the big reveal’ happens, one can always tell in an instant whether it’s elation or disappointment.

It is always less stressful to have one’s available work displayed online or on gallery walls, and the viewer can either choose one, enjoy seeing them but decline doing any purchasing–or, in some rare cases, enter into negotiation over the price. Personally speaking, if we’re allowed to negotiate over big ticket items like houses and cars, why not artwork? After all, few of us have the ability to waltz into a gallery and say, ‘I’ll take that one…..and hmmmm, yes, that one, also…..and, can you hurry, please? I have my driver waiting.’

Untitled winter landscape, watercolour by Lance Weisser, Collection of Ellen Schaffer

And yes, Ellen loved it.

13 Responses to “Winter Watercolours IV”

  1. ….that is just so nice to hear, Francina! Thank you.


  2. Francina said

    Stunning painting, Lance. The scenery looks so real, almost like a photo.

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  3. Sara said


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  4. …thank you, Sara! Your journey inspires others.

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  5. Sara said

    Beautiful work! 💕

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  6. …so good of you to take the time and lend encouragement, Jackie

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  7. What a lovely scene! Just beautiful!

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  8. What a beautiful painting, Lance – you excel at understated beauty and capturing a moment in time. Lucky Ellen!


  9. Thank you for the visit

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  10. ….Good, Kerfe! I’m glad another painter agrees. It is more about making one’s work available to someone who appreciates it, than it is about the $$, eh? (smile)

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  11. Thank you Mr. Sundar–I like your Spring bouquet!

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  12. memadtwo said

    Lovely. And I agree about negotiating. (K)

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