Winter Watercolours

January 5, 2022

One of Kamloops’ older homes, the Fort House at the corner of Fortune Drive and Fort Avenue, is so named because it is on land formerly part of The Hudson Bay Company’s fur-trading post.

“. . . According to a listing of heritage buildings published by the Kamloops Museum and Archives years ago, the fur-trading post was located there from 1843 to 1862, at which point the Hudson’s Bay Company moved its post to Mission Flats.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Davis. (Kamloops Museum & Archives)

However, the company continued to use the land for agriculture until B.C. Fruitlands bought it in 1906 and subdivided it into lots of five or so acres.

The Fort House was built about 1907 for Archie Davis, a railway employee. ‘The house, a foursquare design with a cottage roof common for that period, was originally located on extensive acreage’. . . ” [source:

‘Moon Over Old Fort House’, watercolour by Lance Weisser [SOLD]

9 Responses to “Winter Watercolours”

  1. ….grazie! I enjoy reading all about your many adventures.


  2. That is simply stunning!

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  3. ….it’s great of you to say this to me, Kim, thank you!

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  4. Your depiction is far more interesting that the reference photo. ❤️👏🏼

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  5. ….you are always a joy to have as a WordPress colleague, Kerfe. Thank you!

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  6. memadtwo said

    I love the mystery of the light and shadow. (K)

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  7. VJ Knutson said

    You are welcome, Lance. I wish the same for you. VJ

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  8. …very kind of you, Ms. Knutson to offer up your encouraging words to me. Your site is inspiring, and I truly hope 2022 is a healing and less enervating one for you, Lance

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  9. VJ Knutson said

    Love the painting!

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