December 19, 2019

It is something a fascination how one species of bird spends its nights, in comparison with another.  What they all have in common is a desire to feel protected and beyond the reach of nocturnal predators, like owls.

Ravens and crows go the safety in numbers route, heading in groupings to mutually accepted trees, with crows being particularly fond of the-more-the-merrier approach, with sometimes upwards of several thousand roosting at one time.  Ravens are less inclined to roost in gigantic numbers, and confine themselves to congregate with family and ones they’ve bonded with.

Nightwatch, 7 x 4.5, January 2019.jpg


watercolour on art board by Lance Weisser

4.5″ x 7″  [sold]



6 Responses to “Sentinels”

  1. …..thank you Monica–I’m enjoying your site!


  2. You’re the best, Kelly. Have a grand Christmastime.

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  3. artbykcp said

    Seasons Greetings and keep up the fantastic work Lance. Love it.

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  4. …..just what I hoped it would convey! thank you.

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  5. Barry Comer said

    Absolutely “quiet”.

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