Small Works

March 15, 2019

In my city of Kamloops, British Columbia, our Kamloops Arts Council hosts a number of different painterly events throughout the year. One of them was called ‘The Small Works Show’, an annual fundraiser whereby the artist gets half the proceeds and the Arts Council gets the other half.

Unlike most art shows, this one allows patrons to walk out the door with their purchase rather than wait till the event is over. No little red dots on title cards here!

Participating artists are allowed up to fifteen pieces, and if/when one piece is purchased, another is immediately put in its place. So I contributed twelve paintings, and was pleased to have sold seven of them.

‘The Scavenger’, 4 x 10, watercolour on art board by Lance Weisser

This little piece (rather crudely photographed before being matted and framed) was given a new home, and as time goes along, I’ll post others which were also purchased.

I am very grateful for the commitment and dedication of those heading up our local Kamloops Arts Council.

4 Responses to “Small Works”

  1. Thank you Sharon, and indeed, I’m sure you know yourself the feeling! Thank you very much.

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  2. Thank you Victor. I do agree with everything you say. I am a big fan of your work, and your interesting life.


  3. How satisfying to see your art leave into the hands of someone who will now enjoy your art every day. Beautiful small painting.


  4. Victor Ho said

    Well done. I admit that I would have some regret to see my work leaving the show. I understand that some appreciative patron will enjoy it. And the cause is just.


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