Raven Trio

March 10, 2018

Portraying moonlight is something of an intriguing interpretation for painters.  Some, like the famous American painter Frederic Remington, chose a greenish hue for its earthly glow….


Others, like the American painter Maxfield Parrish, often used yellow as the predominant colour of moon glow….


I’ve noticed other painters depicting the colour of moonlight in hues of blue.  And in this little painting of Ravens, my choice is sepia and white….


Three Ravens‘, 8″ x 10″, Arches Hot Press 140 lb Paper, Sold

By including my own, I’m certainly not attempting to put myself in the league of a Parrish or Remington–but merely drawing attention to how our eye finds mystery in the way the moon reflects and illuminates the landscape.  When I go outside on a full moonlit night, I feel it is a blueish reflection on snow, and more earth-toned on our backyard mountain and rocks.  And even though I never quite manage to see moonglow  as green, I simply adore Remington’s moonlit scenes and illustrations.  He convinces me it really is green!

What is it for you?


5 Responses to “Raven Trio”

  1. What a great compliment! Thank you so much, Lance! Appreciate it! 😃💕

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  2. ….you have such an interesting site, Charlie, and I love going there to see your latest–thank you!

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  3. Loves me some beautiful moonlight… as well as sepia… beautiful work, Lance!

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  4. Thank you very much Sharon–how kind–and your recent work is so colourful!

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  5. Good Morning Lance, What beautiful examples of moonlight, including your Raven trio.

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