….House Finch miniature

April 16, 2016

It is so heartening to have requests from bloggers and site visitors who have arranged to have original bird miniature paintings sent to them.  The last posting of the Raven miniature, “Keeping Watch”, is currently winging its way to Hawaii, and the March 5th miniature entitled “Raven Moon” is sitting on Byron’s desk in Wisconsin.  Another of a wintering Chickadee is with its new owner, Cynthia the poet, https://littleoldladywho.net/ in Maine.

Some bird species are seemingly germain to just about anywhere, the House Finch being one.  When we moved from Eastern Canada to extreme Western Canada, there they were.  And on fellow blogging sites like H. J. Ruiz’ Avian 101 (https://avian101.wordpress.com/), there they are in the Peach State of Georgia.

house finch april 2016

‘House Finch’ — watercolour on Saunders Waterford 140# Hot Press Paper, 2.5″ x 4″

They are, along with wintering Goldfinches, the most frequent visitor to our feeders, and have such a delightfully melodious song.  Unlike the slightly larger Purple Finch which probably isn’t found in the West, they do not so much look like they’ve been dipped in raspberry concentrate, as they’ve stuck their heads in wild cherry cream soda.  Their disposition is mild, insofar as they aren’t pushy or argumentative when at the feeders.  If another species is bossy, they simply flit down to the snow and eat the remains below, along with the Juncos.

If you are ever interested in owning one of these posted bird miniatures, simply email me at: weisserlance@gmail.com and we’ll work out the arrangements.  Thank you to all who are so very supportive in comments and visits!

14 Responses to “….House Finch miniature”

  1. THANK YOU Marlene. I love your work so much.


  2. Marlene Lee said

    This little painting just glow…beautiful!

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  3. Marlene Lee said

    how delightful! Tiny pleasures!

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  4. ….your work sends me, cris–so thank you for the big boost through your words!


  5. Lovely, lovely! Truly lovely. How fun to sell right off your blog, too!

    I think it’s particularly lovely to have created so much atmosphere in such tiny space. I’m crazy about snow scenes, besides, so … I don’t know. This is as close to perfect for me as it gets.

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  6. A compliment from you Deb, is so encouraging. You have such great bravado and panache when approaching your subjects, and the results are full of movement and light.


  7. Thank you very much Teri! This particular miniature is 2.5″x4″ and with its little frame it is 3.5″x5″ (these are meant to sit on a desk or ledge rather than hung on a wall). I am enjoying your site very much these days.

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  8. Teri C said

    Your beautiful bird paintings are almost mystical. Love them.
    What size are they?


  9. debiriley said

    the bird and snow are so lovely, with the background really helping to bring the bird forward and show its detail off!

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  10. Thank you for helping fill out their story, Teresa–I did not realise they started West and worked their way East. I know you love them, too!


  11. THANK YOU Becca–so nice, so good of you!

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  12. You painted a beautiful portrait of the house finch both in words and paints! 🙂 They were native to the west coast, then introduced to NY and has since spread all the way across the continent back to the west. Tenacious birds.


  13. Another stunning bird painting, they are so small it is amazing that you can maintain such detail. Beautiful Lance.

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