….the silt bluffs

November 22, 2015

An area east of Kamloops, B. C., follows the South Thompson River which flows between dramatic limestone cliffs originally formed (it is estimated) 270 million years ago.

Among those cliffs is a gully–a waterworn ravine known as ‘the silt bluffs’, featuring very distinctive rock formations which have the look and feel of something out of a Western movie.


Massive geological formations such as these require some form of treatment by a painter in order to adequately convey their uniqueness and grandeur.  This watercolour attempts to do that by purposely choosing to paint directly into the sun.

This part of our landscape gets quite literally baked by heat at midday, so when painting outdoors it is important to get it done quickly.



19 Responses to “….the silt bluffs”

  1. A very beautiful piece!


  2. ….that is a superb compliment written superbly (as you do everything)–and I humbly thank you, Miss Santa Barbara


  3. I gasp at what superb choices you made to capture that grandeur. This is just … FULL of grandeur. (It is SO hard to believe I’m capable of writing a wee bit better. Ha.)

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  4. …David I just discovered I somehow got off your ‘follow’ listing, and have corrected that and discovered your wonderful postings, photographs and prose.


  5. …Cynthia, it pains me that you are having difficulties making comments here–just as I am almost certain that people I follow simply don’t show up when they post something new, and I end up chasing their site and always being late to the party. However, we both know we’ve got one another on a higher wavelength! (smile) So we’ll chalk it all up to failed technology overcome by strengthened inner spirit.

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  6. …Teresa, you are such a great supporter it makes me SMILE. Thank you for all your many comments. We are all simply students of this (maddening) medium, so we keep trying to find ways to overcome the immediate challenges. My work occasionally finds its way to the Vancouver Granville Island Gallery of The Federation of Canadian Artists http://artists.ca/federation_gallery, usually in their annual miniature show called ‘small, smaller, smallest’. But it is always on exhibit in Kamloops at our little co-op gallery at the Old Courthouse. Thank you for asking about this! This painting is a cropping of a larger, but failed piece and is approximately 11″ x 12″.


  7. Rebecca said

    Just wow! What a picture!

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  8. I am devastated that your site will not accept my comments. I hope you don’t think I’ve abandoned you….but something has abandoned me…

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  9. You have captured the grandeur Lance, and I can feel the sun in my eyes, very effective.


  10. Robin King said

    Oh, luminous! Love the shimmer in the light…gorgeous colors. 🙂

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  11. What a spectacular painting of a grand geological formation! What are the painting’s dimensions, Lance? Are you exhibiting anywhere in Vancouver? I’d love to be able to check them out next time we’re there.

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  12. …I am so glad you like it Catherine. Isn’t blue great? (smile)


  13. …yes, Barry — high summer, when one can literally find a rattlesnake basking in the dry hot sun. But….almost no humidity to speak of, just dry hot wind and intense sun. THAT is why I am a Winter person. Everyone here loves dirt biking and heat-filled activities and grow glum in the Winter (aside from skiing). But I’m a lover of short days, long nights, cold temps, mist, atmospheric/moody weather and snow. I do not understand why I am following your site, yet get no updates.

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  14. Catherine Johnson said

    Great! I like how much blue is in this.


  15. You know, they do look very “western” and would have guessed that was your subject.

    I am assuming you painted this in the summer.

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