….a little nuts

November 20, 2015

Quite some months ago I asked Jackie of ‘Lost In Thought Photos’ (https://lostinthotphotos.wordpress.com/) for permission to do a miniature based on her wonderful photograph of a little tree squirrel.

Jackie very kindly agreed and emailed me back a very fine image of what –based on its colouration– appears to be a Fox Squirrel, which, even the most hardened rodent defamer would have to be a little nuts not to admit is cute.

treesquirrel-2 (1000x864)

Here’s how they are described in Wikipedia:  “. . . Fox squirrels are strictly diurnal, non-territorial, and spend more of their time on the ground than most other tree squirrels. They are still, however, agile climbers. They construct two types of homes called ‘dreys’, depending on the season. Summer dreys are often little more than platforms of sticks high in the branches of trees, while winter dens are usually hollowed out of tree trunks by a succession of occupants over as many as 30 years. Cohabitation of these dens is not uncommon, particularly among breeding pairs. . . ”

Besides their cuteness, it is charming that they are non-territorial, and have been known to share their homes.  That is certainly not true for a great many squirrels, who seem to busy themselves hurling insults and chasing rivals all day long.

Hunting for frames is fun, losing myself in one or some of our ten or so 2nd hand stores, and recently resulted in this very nice (likely faux) leather 5″ x 7″ one for $.75.  It allows this little painting to sell for $35.


Our little Gallery keeps 20% commission. So many thanks to Jackie at https://lostinthotphotos.wordpress.com/ !


15 Responses to “….a little nuts”

  1. They are so much fun to watch-we have five nests in our yard. Love your tribute to the little guys both in your sentiments and lovely painting.


  2. Jackie said

    Beautiful rendition of my photo! I love it. One correction though – the squirrel in my picture is an Eastern Gray squirrel not a Fox squirrel. 🙂

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  3. ….ah, Robin, you are so supportive. It is amazing. Thank you.


  4. …Steve, I will take your insight about these critters over any Wikipedia writeup, because frankly there are almost no creatures on the planet who aren’t, when pressed, territorial in some respects. They chase each other around because, well, who DOES want to share their nest with just any squirrel (smile).


  5. Robin King said

    The personality shines through. I esp like the colors you used and how you made it snow. Such a delight! Beautiful work! 🙂

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  6. I’ve been told that the squirrels we have in Austin are fox squirrels, and yet I see them chasing each other around fairly often. Someone else told me that that’s just for fun.

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  7. ….how kind. They do look charming in certain stances, don’t they–much the way even a mouse does when on its hind legs, pointy nose twitching upwards at us. But hey, a rodent’s a rodent, and we don’t want them in the house (smile).

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  8. The delicacy and personality of this little squirrel puts me in mind of Beatrix Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin…and all the “pourquoi tales” one might concoct from looks and behavior. A total charmer, Lance.

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  9. […] told Lance over at Weisser Watercolours that I have a slight obsession with squirrels and would post one today in his honor, so here it is. […]

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  10. Oh Rebecca, a draw a squirrel day! Yes! I hope you do re-post your work from that time….thank you for stopping by.


  11. I have a thing for squirrels…sort of a love/annoyed by thing. LOL! I spent an entire month doodling them once (for the Doodle Day challenge). I love that photo and your rendition of it! I might have to share one of my old squirrel pieces today in your honor!

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  12. Your fox squirrel is so dang cute!! I especially like how you painted the fur. And, the added snow adds to your painting magic. Some lucky person will have a wonderful purchase soon. 🎨😊

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  13. ….Thank you for liking it so much, Catherine–such a sweet little subject, eh?


  14. Catherine Johnson said

    It’s brilliant!

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