inspiration galore!

July 6, 2015

THERE ARE TODAY few watercolourists with the mastery, control, spontaneity and lyrical grace of Joseph Zbukvic, an Australian painter who emigrated from Zagreb in 1970, and took up watercolour in his adopted country.

He is among a handful of true masters of classical watercolour technique, due to an ability to transform veritably any subject into visual poetic language.


Adroit and seemingly effortless whether out on location or in the studio, Joseph Zbukvic’s handling and style builds on a foundation of an accurate, yet freely-rendered underdrawing, the suggestion of detail, a flawless sense of both composition and values, sparing yet daring choices, brought off with efficiency and dashed-off finishing touches of highlighting contrast.



image (2)

H20  COLOR, 9/3/01, 5:26 PM,  8C, 8000x6290 (0+1730), 100%, low contrast 8,  1/20 s, R74.5, G49.4, B62.1

flags and awnings 28 x 16.5








image (1)

This calibre of painting keeps any student of the medium of watercolour inspired and wanting to stretch and keep striving.  It is a wonderful thing to see how high the watercolour bar can be set!

12 Responses to “inspiration galore!”

  1. rosjenke said

    I love Mr. Z ‘s work. He is truly a master. I was fortunate to attend a 3 day workshop with him recently. I also had a weekend with both David Taylor and Amanda Hyatt in 2013. Amanda is fabulous, so motivating. I wrote about it here

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  2. Gorgeous. Stunning work indeed. I also hold that bar as high as I can when looking for inspiration; admiration, learning everything I can, and of course I don’t come close to what I admire, so one exciting day of exploration leads to another and another…

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  3. Janie, I knew you’d like these! I am glad you’re my friend, ever since Grade One (who knows but we were in Kindergarten together as well, but I have no memories of it)!


  4. ‘debiriley’ , thank you for supplying me with more of Joseph’s contemporaries, and giving me more to discover!


  5. Janie Teague-Urbach said

    all i can say is wow

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  6. debiriley said

    That group of Melbourne watercolourists Joseph…. David Taylor, Alvaro Castagnet, Amanda Hyatt, etc. all have developed a Mastery of Tonal Values in watercolour. limiting their palette if needed, but always getting those tones Right!! They all regularly if not each day, go outdoors to paint, to get the sense of authenticity and mood that they do. I love their work. This is and Excellent post, sharing Joseph with others!

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  7. Teri C said

    I found this artist years ago and was awed. He is truly amazing. Thanks for bringing him back to my attention.

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  8. I’m enjoying your site and your work very much, Tom, thank you for your remarks and visit.


  9. Tom Donovan said

    Agree, Lance. Thank you for posting these paintings. Zbukvic’s work reminds me of Sargent’s work. Masterful. Will enjoy studying his work!

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  10. Oh thank you for telling me that, Cynthia. I sometimes question whether my own taste resonates with others. And yes, here is a painter with heart, a true virtuoso. thanks so much.


  11. Thank you for featuring this artist, Lance….I love his gift of using classic forms and techniques to—at the same time—make it new, and make it live, so that he takes us into the beauty of a kind of timelessness.

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