more night

June 5, 2015

I KNOW, I KNOW, it’s June.  I’m incurably attracted to Autumn and Winter, most likely because they are for me what I’d describe as cozy seasons, where a sweater serves perfectly.

ADMITTING to age preferences is slightly embarrassing, but only slightly.  Heat is no longer an attraction to me, weather-wise, and here it is June 5 and in two days it will be going to 92F (33C).  Now please, do NOT misinterpret this as whining.  I’m not (right now), but rather simply stating a preference in order to justify posting this painting….


‘Pale Moon’, Watercolour on Arches Hot Press 140 lb Paper, 13cm x 18cm (5″ x 7″)

WHEN PAINTING,  I admit to finding it more satisfying to express feeling through stark scenes with diminished-light.  For one thing, the above place is not one many people would find themselves visiting at that hour in that weather.  It therefore brings us in as though inviting a search for Snowy Owls on the prowl, or a pack of Grey Wolves threading a path back to the lair.

8 Responses to “more night”

  1. Teri C said

    Your love of these kind of scenes comes through loud and clear. Love it.


  2. Jana Bouc said

    Your work is lovely–quite unique, evocative and restrained so that there remains a bit of mystery in your paintings. Really enjoyable to see.


  3. your work inspires me, and your avidness even more–I hope painters of all stripes go to ‘createarteveryday’ for a boost. thank you — and thank you for my take on the weather (smile)

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  4. I agree with you re the weather. If I could paint snow scenes like this, I’d be posting them now too. Love how your work inspires me to grow as a watercolorist. Thank you.

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  5. I hope everyone heads over to Life In Between and discovers your multi-interesting site, Jodi, thank you again.


  6. hahaha, thank you Cynthia! yay! (now, where did I store those flip flops?)


  7. I share your preference for sweater weather…thank you for this beautiful, cool painting….

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  8. Jodi said

    Another beautiful expression.

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