North of Clearwater

January 9, 2012

The official website of the newly-created (2007) District of Clearwater reads:  ” . . . Located in the heart of British Columbia and Wells Gray Country, Clearwater, B.C.,  is the gateway to Wells Gray Provincial Park and is surrounded by the Trophy Mountains, Raft Peak, Grizzly Peak and Dunn Peak.  This rural community is truly a place for all seasons. . . ”

They aren’t bragging.  I encourage you to go to ‘’ and see the gorgeous photos for yourself.

Kamloops–where I live–is about an hour’s drive South of Clearwater.  The Interior of British Columbia is highly mountainous and sudden storms and weather systems are normal when living in higher elevations.  One half of the sky can be as blue as sapphire, but just behind me things will be ominous and threatening.

This painting–now in a private collection–attempts to capture the spirit ‘North of Clearwater’ . . .

'North of Clearwater'


January 7, 2012

About the most exciting month is November.  Moody, always in flux, caught between Autumn and Winter, November features days that are intriguing to wake up to.  I never know if, when glimpsing out the window first thing in the morning, I’m going to see flakes of snow drifting down or one of those assure November skies.

Not far from the town of Clearwater, British Columbia, (about an hour’s drive North) is Wells Gray Provincial Park.  One of its most pristine lakes is Mrytle Lake, and I’ve done two watercolours of this same lake.

The first is rendered in a very traditional style, relying on a photograph . . .

"Wells Gray November"

Another version of the same painting was done from memory, not relying at all on any photographic image.  Both paintings are now in private collections.

"Wells Gray November"


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