North of Clearwater

January 9, 2012

The official website of the newly-created (2007) District of Clearwater reads:  ” . . . Located in the heart of British Columbia and Wells Gray Country, Clearwater, B.C.,  is the gateway to Wells Gray Provincial Park and is surrounded by the Trophy Mountains, Raft Peak, Grizzly Peak and Dunn Peak.  This rural community is truly a place for all seasons. . . ”

They aren’t bragging.  I encourage you to go to ‘’ and see the gorgeous photos for yourself.

Kamloops–where I live–is about an hour’s drive South of Clearwater.  The Interior of British Columbia is highly mountainous and sudden storms and weather systems are normal when living in higher elevations.  One half of the sky can be as blue as sapphire, but just behind me things will be ominous and threatening.

This painting–now in a private collection–attempts to capture the spirit ‘North of Clearwater’ . . .

'North of Clearwater'

7 Responses to “North of Clearwater”

  1. If I have to swim the deepest ocean, will do so see your amazing art..;)


  2. Wonderful. Mood is everything in a painting. Your photographs convey a great deal of it–and especially those you take of people. When I visited Jerusalem in 1989, everyone was taking photos of the old city’s buildings. I was swept away by the humanity. It is a land like no other, perfect for watercolour because it is a place of contrasts.

    Thank you for your generous words.


  3. ShimonZ said

    In looking through a number of your posts, I have found much that I liked very much. But I also noticed a reply that you wrote to a comment, in which you mentioned that you find it interesting to hear what others like especially among your work. And I could understand that, because I know that others are not always attracted to what are my favorite pieces in my own work. And so I wanted to let you know that this painting especially moves me. It is almost as if I were standing there.


  4. souldipper said

    Your painting is breathtaking. I worked in Clearwater in 1995, hiked the Wells Gray when time permitted and rode the rapids of the Clearwater River. Having had the opportunity to work and travel throughout British Columbia, this area has stayed with me for many reasons – certainly for its beauty. (My domicile during those working years was – and still is – in the Gulf Islands.)

    I admire your determination to stick with watercolour. In looking at other paintings on your blog, you are very, very talented.

    Many thanks. It’s a pleasure to see familiar turf!


  5. how good of you to visit these by googling them. It’s YOUR part of the world I’d love to see.


  6. That’s lovely. I like the drama in the sky!


  7. isychia said

    I love the hues, the feathered brush strokes and stormy warning of the sky – beautiful work!

    The Clearwater site does indeed show some of the natural wonder locally, although I must admit I then googled Wells Gray and now I want to visit! 🙂


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