November 1, 2021

Ah, November, most favoured of months, you’ve finally arrived. Oh, that lingering scent of wood smoke when walking the dog at 4:30am; fog lifting above the river at dawn; the return in earnest of sweater-wearing, cozy clothing; the mystery of never quite knowing if that smell in the air really is the precursor of the first flurries, and finally, that blessed silence which can only come when neighbours store away for good those dirt bikes and Harleys.

In honour of the occasion, a seasonal pop-up card…..

watercolour painted autumn maple leaves….

The card is folded in half. In pop-up land, any crease becomes the means for popping, and in this case, the two cut outs will be glued onto either side of the crease so when the card is opened, the crease will provide the muscle for lifting the two leaf cutouts….

A dried and pressed autumn aster has been inserted onto a levered paper addition placed inside the crease, so it also pops up when the card is opened.
….another photograph of the same card

A second sheet of paper is cut and then hand-painted with watercolour, glued onto the back of the other piece in order to provide additional sturdiness; and as a final touch, an actual Fall maple leaf is glued onto the front. Using diluted Elmer’s Glue serves as a sealant:

8 Responses to “November”

  1. How nice, Francina! Thank you.


  2. Francina said

    Beautiful and so creative!

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  3. ….I think you’re super–so many gifts, used in such an inspiring way, Lynn

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  4. That’s wonderful, can’t wait to see what you create! And so glad I could lend a little Christmas atmosphere to your creative process 🙂

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  5. ….that’s so confirming to hear, Lynn–thank you! I’m working on Christmas card popups now, and listening to your ‘Father Christmas’

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  6. Multidimensional beauty, the aster is unexpected – so creative.


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