Sibelius Park detail…..

June 11, 2020

Trying to fit a very rectangularly-wide picture inside the borders of a wordpress blogpost forces one to shrink it to fit. So here is the completed painting, divided in half in order to provide more up-close detail:

[detail from ‘Sibelius Park November’]
[detail from ‘Sibelius Park November’]
‘Sibelius Park November’ watercolour on treated art board by Lance Weisser — commissioned by Douglas Todd and Ingrid Sochting, June/2020

Your many comments through this painting progression series are such a tonic and encouragement. Your blogs are a daily boost to my spirits, and certainly to all who read them.

9 Responses to “Sibelius Park detail…..”

  1. Thank you; although I pay no compliments under the intentions of seeing them returned. I’m glad I found your work and its beauty; that’s enough for me. And again, thank you.

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  2. ….you are uniquely gifted in multiple ways, Caliath, and I find your blog intriguing along with all your thousands of followers. Thank you for these comments on my work.

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  3. Oh, this is so pretty; I’ve rarely ever seen this time of visual composition, actually. It seems as if temperatures have separate homes, in your paintings, and they nearly follow the same divisions as that of objects. What a rare sight indeed.

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  4. ….so appreciated, dear Carroll


  5. Carroll said

    That is beautiful work Lance. 💞 Carroll

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  6. hahahahaha! you noticed!

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  7. ….heh heh–you know me


  8. Barry Comer said

    Of course there are birds… (:

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