Grass-fed and rather contented….

March 21, 2020

Although centrally located–and well within the city limits of Kamloops (pop: 97,000), British Columbia, Canada–we nonetheless hear cows bellowing distantly from the mountain range across the way from our house. This is cow country–beef cows–Herefords–grass-fed, and let out to pasture once Winter is past. Sitting out on our deck, I can just make out these tiny dots–Herefords most certainly–moving slowly across the great expanse of what is locally known as Strawberry Hill.

‘Back Country’
watercolour (detail of larger work), Arches Cold Press 140# Paper, 7.5″ x 14″
by Lance Weisser

During these unusual and routine-disrupted days, when everyone seems mildly ajar, pretending all is still fine, yet wondering what the heck to do with themselves, I find it reassuring to watch cows do nothing all day but search out grass on Strawberry Hill.

(And I’m sure many of you reading this have become even more thankful you have pursued painting or photography or writing as a mainstay in your life. These solitary-type endeavours are certainly now helping to anchor us amidst days of remarkable change and confinement.)

8 Responses to “Grass-fed and rather contented….”

  1. ….Liz, this is a comment WELL WORTH WAITING FOR! Thank you for your encouraging, always encouraging words. Do please take good care…..


  2. Oh my – you have no idea how hard I have worked to comment and get it right. Hugs

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  3. Hi Lance, your work becomes more beautiful each time that I see it. I am having a heck of a time commenting – technical glitch . . . which I am hopefully solving – we shall see. Liz

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  4. Oh my, how lovely, Elizabeth, to know you made your migration at just the right time to just the right place during a time when being rural is almost certainly the wisest situation — where social distancing is an artform, lol. We budding recluses are in our cups, hahahaha. Lovely to connect. Enjoy your emerging Spring!


  5. Liz Poarch said

    Nice thought and thank you for the peaceful scene.  I started to follow you from Virginia, then moved to Revelstoke 2 years ago, and made a permanent move to Silverton BC (pop. 195)  We’ll see if this crisis reaches even this small, very rural and incredibly beautiful area.  

    Elizabeth Poarch        778-252-5133 POB 94Silverton BC V0G 2B0 Canada

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  6. … put it so well, Michael, THANK YOU

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  7. Beautiful. The quiet comes through. Yes, we artists of all types are fortunate in these times, and in any times. Creativity and creation become a constant that provides stability in turbulent times. And yet constant striving to do and be even better adds dynamism to that constant, and that is the key to life itself, in my opinion.

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