November 26, 2019

November is my most favourite of months!  In the Southern Interior of British Columbia where we live, November is one of those seasonal cusp months–like March–when no one quite knows what they’ll be waking up to in the morning; a month of mystery and change, full of windy days, foggy mornings, early evenings, and sometimes the schedule-disturbing onslaught of an unexpected blizzard.

This painting–now hanging in the Kamloops Arts Council ‘Small Works Show’–expresses and uses my painterly imagination to bring to the viewer all that I feel about my most favourite Season:

November, 7 x 10, February 2019
watercolour by Lance Weisser, 7″ x 10″, on art board
for Kamloops Arts Council ‘Small Works Show’
November 24 to December 24,
Old Courthouse, Kamloops, B. C.

4 Responses to “November”

  1. THANK YOU KIM–I LOVE your pen&ink watercolour portrait of Big Island vacation!


  2. My hat is off to you, Lance! Water is one of the toughest things to paint — this is a success. That rushing stream makes me cold just to look at!

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  3. How very kind you always are, Kelly. Thank you for this. And thank you for sharing with me your lovely raven print!


  4. artbykcp said

    So great seeing you the other day and continue your amazing piece of art. Totally love them. Seasons Greetings just a little early.

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