Finished Painting: ‘Raven Winter’

February 16, 2018

It is snowing again, and is likely to continue through today and tonight and into tomorrow.  As my friend Shiela says, snow today is water tomorrow, meaning we live in a characteristically arid part of British Columbia (our backyard mountain ridge has many cacti plants) and so every source of water is cherished.  The snowmelt from the mountains is crucial to ensuring our lifeline, the Thompson River, is of normal size.

Around here, many people kind of roll their eyes and sigh when learning we’re getting another ‘dumping’, but I’ve always delighted in snow and can now sadly envision a day when there won’t be any.  Our living situation is such that I can handle clearing the driveway without much effort, otherwise I might be joining one of the eye-rolling crowd.

Here is the painting ‘Raven Winter’ that is now framed and ready to be presented to my friend Patricia Kellogg as a possible choice in our painting exchange deal:


stage 3 final painting of Raven Morn

‘Raven Winter’, watercolour on treated art board, 9″ x 12″


10 Responses to “Finished Painting: ‘Raven Winter’”



  2. artbykcp said

    Awesome Lance, miss seeing your face,. Also have that print done from painting but left the tree white so it looks like snow. Still thinking about possibly coloring the tree, need to study it a bit. When it’s done I will make sure you get a print.

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  3. Thank you Lance 😊

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  4. Turned out beautifully! Love this, Lance! 😍

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  5. ….and thank you for being so very supportive, Sharon. I am enjoying your site very much.

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  6. ….and I so enjoy your wonderful site–always inspiring. Thank you!


  7. Oh, what a nice surprise this morning. Thanks for sharing your process, Lance.

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  8. Wonderful! I always love seeing the evolution of your paintings.

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