….Raven Moon

March 5, 2016

Ravens sell very well in this neck of the woods, partially because they figure so prominently in our local Native legends–and partially because they are, as a species, so singular and distinctive.  A customer pointed out to me that whereas Crows are very social (gathering together in great numbers), Ravens are solitary.  Perhaps one of you can verify this comment–or add a correction?

This painting is 2.75″ x 1.75″ and, instead of putting it behind glass for protection, the decision was made to spray it with a durable fixative so the piece has more immediacy when viewed.  I did include the glass in case the customer wishes to provide greater protection.




These bird miniatures can also be purchased from me through weisserlance@gmail.com for $30US (postage costs additional) unframed, $35US framed.  Some buyers have chosen to select a suitable frame themselves locally and then email me the size the painting must be to fit their chosen frame.  Then it is simply a matter of mailing off the painting in an envelope–easy-peasy.  I have painted everything from someone’s favourite parrot (our late, great friend George Weaver’s prize pet) to exotic birds seen on a favourite trip and painted from a photograph supplied via attachment.







21 Responses to “….Raven Moon”

  1. Fiona, I so enjoyed reading this legend you shared with us–how intriguing that one was Memory and the other Thought. It reinforces the significant clout Ravens have been granted by us throughout the ages. Thank you very much indeed.

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  2. ….Sharon, if anyone loves Ravens it has to be you! Thank you for enjoying this little piece–if you like it, then I’m very happy indeed.


  3. Fiona said

    Lovely painting. Beautiful.
    My favourite Raven myth is in Norse mythology and about how Odins’s ravens fly out everyday and return to tell everything that they have seen and heard. Their names are Memory and Thought (Huginn and Muninn). I have a reduction linocut framed on my wall at home, done by Babs Robertson, a Scottish printmaker. One Raven is flying far above a bleak northern landscape, the other perched large and lifelike staring straight at the viewer. I don’t know which is memory and which is thought. Babs told me they could be either. Both make sense depending on how I’m feeling. Fascinating. The power of art.

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  4. Masterpieces come in all sizes, your Raven. (Crow) is a beauty. Thanks for sharing Lance. This fellow brightened my day.

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  5. ….thank you very much, Byron for your comment and for your emailed request. I will attend to it right away.


  6. Thank you Simon for helping us understand them better. Here in my part of Canada I see them often alone and more often in pairs, but quite honestly cannot distinguish them from crows at a distance except through hearing their raspy/throaty calls–so I have to take others’ word for how they behave together.


  7. ….ah! I knew a friend would clarify the sociability aspect of these intriguing creatures–thank you Teresa, and your son.


  8. thank you Barry–always supportive–and I suspect your friend would just as well love your rendition of her portrait–just invite her out for a coffee (smile)


  9. ….thank you Charlie–I draw much inspiration from your site, let me tell you


  10. Wow, Lance, I am so amazed at the detail you are able to bring to these very tiny paintings. This bird is certainly calling my name as he speaks to the moon. Love it, my friend. 💜

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  11. Melony I very much appreciate your confiding this to me and feel a swoon–a rush of emotion, wishing it weren’t so and admiring you the more for your art and determination to maintain your craft through major life obstructions. How precious you’ve become here to me and to know a bit of me is with your mum. thank you so much.


  12. THANK YOU Cynthia–a conspiracy of ravens sounds so deliciously devious, yes? I am about to reply to your very welcome emailed request, with thanks.


  13. simon682 said

    Rooks are social, carrion crows tend to be solitary or in pairs. At least in England. Wonderful painting!

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  14. My son says depends on which crow and which raven. Chihuahuan ravens hang out in large flocks, for example. 🙂

    What a lovely, atmospheric painting!

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  15. I may have to order one for a friend’s birthday.

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  16. Love it!! These miniatures are so awesome!! 😃👍🏻

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  17. blglick said

    My familiar! And such a nice job.

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  18. Wonderful, Lance. Such a beautiful watercolour. We so enjoy the miniatures you painted for my mother: the Lilac-Breasted Roller and the Resplendent Queztal. I think of you every time we visit and see them displayed in her living room. Treasures for our family. Of course, I also remember about the portrait of Rita and how absolutely delighted George was when she received it. 🙂 –L/w E (I have assistance now with my blog/comments… I have a progressive neurological condition, and expressive aphasia as one of its effects…. just wanted you to know. George was encouraging me to “out” myself about it for a while. 🙂

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  19. I love this big sooty bird in that black frame. The raven has had a bad rap but I like it very much. The old collective nouns for a group of ravens were not “a flock” of ravens, but a”conspiracy” of ravens and an “unkindness” of ravens. And who hasn’t heard of Edgar Allen Poe’s “…quoth the raven: Nevermore…”

    I’m so happy to hear we can obtain one of your miniatures now, Lance. Be looking for an email from me!

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  20. Cathe said

    Gorgeous bird!

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