August 24, 2015

This has been one. hot. summer.  Right now smoke from fires burning on the Washington State/Canada border is blowing up our way due to Southwest winds.  It’s an acrid, doused campfire smell and hazy even when just looking across the street.


‘The Silt Bluffs, Kamloops’, watercolour on Hot Press #140 Arches, 19cm x 24cm, (7.5″ x 9.5″) sold

Oh yeah.  I’m done.  Bring me a nice serving of September.

14 Responses to “hot”

  1. I see a gremlin below the center, hunching in the trough of the curve of rocks.

    Yesterday a commenter mentioned smelling the smoke of those forest fires all the way over in central Colorado.




  3. Jodi said

    That’s one HOT painting! I’m in NOLA right now and this is what it feels like. ☀️

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  4. Haha… I love Cynthia!! And your painting does look like hell, but since that’s the point…it’s perfectly awesome! Wow! Really love what you’ve managed to capture here Lance. This is great!! 🙂

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  5. So, Teresa, you paid your old alma mater a visit? I used to run a kitchen at Carey Hall at UBC for 7 years. And–to touch base with your midwest farm–I also was in summer stock theatre at Okoboji, Iowa for two summers (much younger then). So, fingers crossed for you, tornado-wise. And thank you for your visit(s)!


  6. …thank you Paula for coming by and boosting my day


  7. Paula said

    Love this painting – it captures what I’ve been seeing all weekend!

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  8. Your painting definitely evokes hot and forest fires! Hope you and those in your area are okay except for the smoke. When I was in Vancouver in July, we had a few horribly smokey days, too. So many of my friends in the Pacific Northwest have had scary days and skies.

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  9. Oh yes, Andrew DO send it wending up this way. But you know, when the Southern USA is tasked with having to keep Canada cool, you know something is amiss with our climate. thank you for commenting today!

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  10. You and I both love handmade quilts! There is such love in them, isn’t there–and what can be cozier on those (bring ’em on) nice frosty Autumnal nights. Thank you many times, Laura.

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  11. Cynthia, save me a place by the fire….

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  12. I was feel like your painting last week – way too hot down here. There’s a cooling trend down here in the south, hopefully it starts making its way up to you.

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  13. I love this painting! It reminds me of handmade quilting fabric. So gorgeous!! Oh and amen amen re September!

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  14. Your painting looks like hell… 🙂

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