geology and art

May 31, 2015

ACCORDING TO GEOLOGIC FINDINGS, Kamloops, B. C., has limestone which dates back 270 million years.  The earth itself is estimated to be some 4.5 billion years old.  So the rock and sediment of Kamloops is relatively young in comparison, which is due to it having once been part of the ancient Pacific Ocean floor.  Fossils in the area show ancient ocean plankton.

THE DOMINANT AND STRIKING, ANCIENT, WORN-DOWN MOUNTAINS within City Limits are the remains of ancient volcanic activity, and are remarkably bare of trees, gaining beauty from sunrises and sunsets, moonlight, and an annual ‘greening’, when the rains of Spring bring out the new leaves of Sagebrush and native grasses.


‘Signature Mountains of Kamloops, B. C.’, watercolour on Arches Hot Press Paper 140 lb., R. Foster Collection

7 Responses to “geology and art”

  1. Yes of course, Michelle. Please contact me at We’ll discuss the particulars. Happy New year.


  2. Michelle Harris said

    ‘Signature Mountains of Kamloops, B. C.’

    Do you sell prints?

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  3. neetistha said

    I love how you can capture a certain mood in your paintings so well.

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  4. Alethea Eason said

    Simply beautiful! I love arid places, as a rule. Love the golds in this.

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  5. Rebecca said

    What a beautiful picture – so atmospheric. I really like the way you’ve captured the play of light.

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  6. kestrelart said

    I look be the geology with the art


  7. Barry Comer said

    I really like the solitude you portray in some of your work. The silence is filling for me.

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