mountain storm

May 24, 2015

MOUNTAIN STORMS ALWAYS COME WITH high winds and occasionally with hail, and here in Kamloops, British Columbia, are often felt in one part of the city and not in others. Being a city of roughly 90,000, built around, about, and on top of mountainous terrain, the overall elevation is about 350 meters (1,125 ft).  There can be terrible flashes and crashes and gusts–much huffing and puffing–with the promised deluge itself being delivered everywhere else but on our crispy, thirsty yard and gardens.

'Mountain Storm'

‘Summer Storm’ 

watercolour, 30cm x 23cm, (12″ x 9″), Arches Cold Press 140 lb. paper,

G.W. Weisser Collection

7 Responses to “mountain storm”

  1. arcillaa said

    No words… Wow!

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  2. VEry beautiful light and interesting composition.


  3. This, to me, is exquisite. I love everything about it, but in particular, the drama of the stormy sky against the vulnerability of those few trees. A powerful, crisp scene. Really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing.

    (I think WP is once again taking its evil phaser gun to my comments…..I thought I’d left one prior.) One day, I’d love to be able to do landscapes as lovely as yours!!


  4. so very nice of you jodi–and you and your GORGEOUS Allegheny mountains in western pennsylvania are greatly privileged and fortunate. I enjoy your photographs very much.


  5. Jodi said


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  6. that is an example of your supportive personality, barry, and I appreciate it alot.


  7. Barry Comer said

    Absolutely my favorite painting of yours.

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