raven moon

May 20, 2015

PAINTING NIGHT has become something of a preoccupation.  On a very bald and pedestrian level, one could simply say that ‘night sells’.  However, it is the ‘why’ which is intriguing–why do scenes of watercolour-rendered night have an appeal.

raven winter aa

‘Raven Moon’, watercolour, 35cm x 25cm (14″x10″), Art Board, (sold)

THERE IS A FASCINATION over what goes on in nature while we are sleeping.  When walking the dog at 4 a.m., there are owls hooting, deer eating in people’s yards, the occasional cries of coyotes, and the enduring scent of lilac.

HEARING, TOUCHING, SMELLING all come alive, while seeing is at the pleasure of the muted moon–at once reassuring and mysterious.

15 Responses to “raven moon”

  1. An evocative and mysterious image, truly superb, Lance.


  2. Beautiful light and color. Lovely subject and composition.


  3. Alexandra said

    Beautiful ravens. I LOVE the background of your sky. It’s wonderful and wish I could “master” my own. Well done.


  4. Accomplished snow effect well. When I do such, I put paint on stiff toothbrush and use thumb to splatter paint. Sometimes successful, sometimes not.


  5. simon682 said

    I like that a great deal.


  6. thank you for your very encouraging comments ‘createarteverday’. I hope others explore your daily progress as I do.

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  7. What a terrific post and painting! I love that 4am feeling you mention. I think the fascination with the night has to do with the drama in the contrast. The moon is a biggie too, I think. Love this painting. I agree with the others; it gives me the feeling of being in the forest. And rather than a creepy feel, I’m getting a peaceful feeling, like the 4am one you describe. Really love this. Thank you.

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  8. oh my cynthia, but how you say what you say! sublime.


  9. I wonder about the irony of the fact that we find pleasure in looking at something when the very sense of sight is diminished and minimized….suddenly we can almost hear, taste, touch, smell more of the scene in a kind of strange synesthesia….luminous, yes, but also numinous.

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  10. oh rebecca I am just now looking at your delightful deer. I hope others will do the same! thank you for always being so supportive.


  11. Rebecca said

    Totally luminous. Love it.

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  12. raymond you are always so kind, and give your followers many wonderful posts each and every day


  13. barry, thank you. I do hope bloggers will see this and head over to your art-laden site–they are in for a treat.


  14. Raymond said

    Very cool sketch and I love it. The raven theme brings the real feeling like you are outside out there in the forest and my timing now is almost bed time so it’s just perfect.

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  15. Barry Comer said

    I cannot sketch at night because my eyes will not allow enough penetration of light. However, I love the nuanced blacks and whites.

    Your ravens are the perfect foil to the moon.

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