‘Why The Moon Glows’ by Aneleise Jones

March 22, 2015

MY GREAT NIECE, Ane, age 8, was lying around with brother Levi making up another of their stories.  Because their parents judiciously decided their home would be television-free, Aneleise, Levi and Caleb make up a lot of stories and sometimes act them out as well.  That particular day, I told Ane that if she wrote out a story for me to take home, I would do the pictures for it.

She grabbed some lined notebook paper and a pen.  Fifteen minutes later the pages were in my hands in time for Ane to join her brothers going crazy outside in the hammock.  So this– Ane’s own grammar and spelling kept intact for future smiles–is her story (which–though made up between herself and her brother–she declared in front of him is OWNED by her)…..

Why The Moon Glows001a




6 Responses to “‘Why The Moon Glows’ by Aneleise Jones”

  1. I really like this little story, it’s perfectly simple illustrations are delightful, a real contrast from your beautiful watercolours.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate your ‘likes’.


  2. THANK YOU everyone! I am so rusty at getting back to blogging that I can’t seem to figure out how to reply to each in turn. I appreciate your taking the time and for your kindnesses.


  3. Delightful children! She is definitely her uncle’s niece! I love this story, Lance. Too bad children are no longer left to their own imaginations… 🙂 I love the illustrations, by the way! 😉


  4. kinneret said

    Adorable family treasure 🙂


  5. RoSy said

    How wonderful!
    So nice that you offered to add art to her words. I bet that was fun.
    Great team work.


  6. kathyclem said

    To make an artist story book…what a great way to play with your great-niece. Her parents like you say, are very smart to have a TV-free home. Best wishes, and I am looking forward to seeing more collaborations. Have a beautiful day! 🌹


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