Miniature Watercolours

January 4, 2012

I usually spend my painting days alternating between very large watercolours and tiny, intimate pieces.  The miniatures sell exceedingly well, for after all, even if collectors truly can’t fit yet another painting on their walls, there’s always room for a wee one on a table, desk or mantle.

It’s birds which often become my subject of choice because many species are small and lend themselves well to the petite oval frame, or tastefully-tiny square.  It’s such a joy depicting the finches and juncos I glimpse just beyond our living room window, attacking the feeders, nudging each other aside in order to get at the goodies.

"a gathering of miniatures"

Here’s a close-up of a landscape based on our British Columbian, mountain-surrounded Interior:

'A 1" x 2" Kamloops Alpine View'

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