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The sweeping slope of our front perennial garden has gone through several ‘morphs’ or ‘looks’, due to how the rather poor soil conditions and interfering tree roots do away with a variety of plants.

Although designed to be in the classical English border mode, with blooms running right through from April to November, my choice was to focus most on a very strong Autumn showing.

Fall Asters, Mums, Monkshood, Japanese Anemone, Sea Lavender

A gardener wanting a big Autumn presentation–and, in fact, who aims to make Autumn the biggest of the three garden-growing Seasons–has to be prepared to sacrifice impact during Spring and Summer. During those two Seasons, there will be much more green than in other gardens, green which is waiting until September to suddenly begin flowering.

I find the sacrifice more than worthwhile simply because most every garden in our area throws everything at Spring/Summer, and has only brown to offer in the Fall, even though arguably Autumn is by far Mother Nature’s most dramatic Season of colour and show.

‘Profusion Beautyberry’
[callicarpa bodinieri]
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