KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA, is in the Southern Interior of the Province and is around Growing Zone 6.  Last Winter was particularly mild, yet at the beginning of December we experienced temperatures of -20C (-4F) for a whole week.  The rest of the Winter was positively balmy.  But that one week did stuff.

LAST AUTUMN was an opportunity to greatly increase the number of tulips and daffodils, which was done.  Over previous Springs, it became apparent that the so-called soil (really, ‘skree’ is the actual condition of the earth here) wasn’t what Spring bulbs thrived in.  ‘Designer bulbs’ from Holland (not cheap) bloomed well the first year, and hardly even showed up the subsequent year.

POUTING took the form of not planting any that Fall to replenish them.  There’s a mindset (mine) which cherished a ‘rule’ that tulips and daffodils are required to not only reappear, but multiply as time goes by.  Well, they don’t always.  They certainly don’t when they are planted in stony soil.



THE BEAUTY of dollar store tulips and daffodils is 1) they are cheap as dirt; 2) they aren’t required to come up year after year because, 3) they are cheap as dirt.

HOWEVER, there is one plant which won’t ever again get planted by me, at least, and that is a Rose.  I am done. The very beautiful white rose, The John F. Kennedy, is toast.  So is Pretty Baby, a beautiful floribunda pink rose.  And that’s after very conscientious mulching.  They join the Rose Cemetery beside Livin Easy (2012) and Lemon Surprise (2013).



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