January 1, 2022

My friend Natasha’s loveable/loving companion is ‘Phee’ (full name ‘McPhee’), a rescue cat with such a grounded, placidly confident demeanor, when Natasha brought her to her apartment for the first time, Phee imperiously walked through each room, coolly sizing-up her new territory, then, satisfied, curled up on an armchair and went to sleep.

So who better to paint and make into a Christmas card?

‘Phee’, watercolour study on artboard by Lance Weisser

6 Responses to “Phee”

  1. ….I so appreciate the encouragement, Kim. I think Phee would like you, too!

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  2. I would like Phee. And I love your painting.

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  3. Thank you, Lynn, for the encouragement and appreciation–it means alot to me.

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  4. Love this painting, Lance – you seem to have captured the essence of Phee.

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  5. ….much appreciated and supportive, Tom!


  6. Tom Donovan said

    Nice painting, Lance… Composition and foreshortening…

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