Spring Thaw

March 21, 2021

Around here in British Columbia’s Southern Interior, while the mountains boast of a more than normal snow pack (which ultimately brings water to our homes), our city of Kamloops has experienced a warmer and drier Winter than usual. While there’s still a little snow in the higher portions of the city, where we live it has been a very gentle and lamb-like entry into the first day of Spring.

‘March’, watercolour on treated art board, 10″ x 12″
by Lance Weisser

11 Responses to “Spring Thaw”

  1. ….we got a new puppy and it has disrupted my studio time–thank you for asking!


  2. If you feel like saying, what led you to stop posting?


  3. Francina said

    Thank you, Lance. I love your art too.

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  4. I love your site and your work, Francina–thank you!


  5. Francina said

    Gorgeous as usual, Lance.

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  6. Lovely to hear from you Kim, thank you!


  7. Happy spring to you! This is so soft and gentle.

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  8. Thank you for your lovely remarks. You live in a gorgeous part of N. America.

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  9. dunelight said

    Lovely, not unlike a “MidWest” Spring thaw.

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