A Puffin Perfect Yuletide to you

December 20, 2020

The Atlantic Puffin spends almost all of its life in the water, coming ashore only once a year to breed, usually to the same nesting spot which the male prepares. Then, laying a single egg, they both attend to hatching it –the newborn called a ‘puffling’ — caring for it until one night it will fledge. Once on its own, it remains on the sea for up to five years before finding a mate and finally returning to land to then breed.

‘Atlantic Puffin’, 5″ x 6.5″, Arches Hot Press Paper, watercolour by Lance Weisser, [sold]

They mate for life, though interestingly, do not stay together while on the open sea–which is two-thirds of the year–but only get back together when breeding time (usually April) occurs. Once August comes, they go their separate ways.

Their nickname is ‘the clown of the sea’–not purely due to their clown-faced features–but because although they are very adept fliers (reaching speeds up to 88km/hour), they are clunky when taking off and clumsy when landing. Their bright orange feet run haphazardly over the sea until finally getting them airborne, and on landing the puffin will often tumble and roll and pratfall across the surface of the water.

So, yes, this Christmas Puffins will be floating around the North Atlantic separated from their lifelong mates, managing to rustle up something for dinner, while on shore we’ll likely be left doing the same. Even so, together we’ll find a way to make the season bright.

source: https://www.nordicvisitor.com/blog/5-things-may-not-know-puffin/

6 Responses to “A Puffin Perfect Yuletide to you”

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  2. ….thank you, Lynn, so much–I love your dedication and life-sustaining values.

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  3. Happy Yuletide to you!

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  4. I know! So cute. I’m sure you’ve known a number of sweet pufflings in your life, too, Kerfe (smile). The very best of The Season to you and Nina.

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  5. memadtwo said

    Puffling–what a great name! Thanks for the information, and cheerful bird cheer. Enjoy the holidays, and may the new year be a good one! (K)

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