Kissing Summer Goodbye

September 21, 2020

‘Out to Pasture’, watercolour on treated art board, 6.5″ x 9″, by Lance Weisser

No doubt many of you reading this are yourselves rather stunned that tomorrow marks the first day of Autumn. Every year the same thing happens: just as I feel like Summer will remain in place forever I see a tinge of orange in our front yard maple, and the changeover begins anew.

Today I’ll stop in at Purity Feed to pick up the first bags of black oil sunflower seeds for the bird feeders. The rituals of Fall have begun. What a lovely lovely time of year!

8 Responses to “Kissing Summer Goodbye”

  1. I envy you that experience dear Schnark.


  2. Schnark said

    In November my wife and I walked to Canterbury in Kent, once called the garden of England. We saw three small breed cows grazing in a small woodland, they were enjoying bits of long grass, ivy, tree shoots, hazel, and anything they could get their chomps on. They seemed very happy, and they were definitely very pretty.

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  3. hahaha–obviously, these aren’t the Carnation Milk ‘contented cows’. In my experience, cows everywhere are almost always chewing something or looking for something to chew. I hope your Autumn frustrations this year are both few, and manageable. Thank you Schnark!


  4. ….indeed, Kerfe. Let’s hope there’ll be some normals left intact–like pumpkin patch pickings and apple orchard outings. Thank you very much for your blog posts and optimism.

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  5. memadtwo said

    I do love autumn. I’m sorry this year it is tinged with so much fear and sorrow. (K)

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  6. Schnark said

    Your cows look a little hungry Lance. I too am a lover of the seasons, but they come with frustrations; the things we haven’t done, might never do, as well as our little achievements, and the rituals we enjoy.

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  7. It’s been a scary, destructive Summer for so many, Barry. I always breathe a sigh of relief that we got through it without wildfires here. We still got a week’s worth of California’s smoke, forcing us indoors.


  8. Barry Comer said

    I wish I could make a hand gesture as to how I feel about our hot, humid Summers. Good Riddance.

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