Summer’s Zenith

August 5, 2020

We’ve been sizzling here in British Columbia’s Southern Interior. For the past two weeks, it has been very hot and very dry. This is when all the dirt bikes get loaded on the back of country music-blaring pickups, heading for the hills, bypassing all the slower, fishing boat-toting pickups. And even those pickups bypass the even slower camper trailer-toting pickups, with everyone and their dog all heading out of Dodge.

What’s left behind are solitary scenes of empty pasture, sun-weathered farms, the occasional horse. And not a lick of shade.

‘Sky Country’, watercolour, 10″ x 12″, Arches 140# Hot Press Paper, by Lance Weisser

We’re at the apex of Summer–the zenith–with a high today of 35C (95F). And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow marks the slow slide into September, with showers and a high of only 23C (73F).

So today we pretend we’re Texans, and tomorrow that old familiar tinge of an early Fall brings us all back to where we really are and love to be.

15 Responses to “Summer’s Zenith”

  1. janine said

    I find this really comforting.

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  2. Jana Bouc said

    Beautiful and evocative! I want to be there. I love the yellow in the sky.

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  3. memadtwo said

    The huge sky to look at does lot to alleviate the heat. We too are in the dog days, and everyone who has somewhere else to be is there. I don’t mind a city with fewer people for a few weeks. (K)


  4. Francis said

    That’s right!


  5. Thanks, Lance. As I dabble in watercolors, I find that I am paying a lot more attention to colors and composition even in my photography.


  6. …..Thank you for noticing so much in this painting of mine, Mike. I’m enjoying your vertically-pointing dragonflies!


  7. ….Thank you, in. It isn’t humid here at all (20%, only), because we are far from the coast–but Korea is surrounded by ocean, so of course you must have humid Summers! Stay inside and watch those great Korean TV stories, famous around the world.


  8. ….got it, Francis. The very mention of the ‘F’ word here gets deep frowns behind pandemic masks, lol.

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  9. ….thank you very much, Erica. I hope everyone will go view your exquisite Northern Norway site!


  10. ekhaugli said


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  11. Francis said

    Very nice. Let’s not talk about the fall (autumn)…

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  12. in said

    Love the sky.
    Yes, humid here too.

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  13. The cloud-filled sky is the star of the painting for me. I really love the way you chose such a low horizon line to draw our eyes upward and tucked the little cabin in the corner. My eyes then follow the fence posts to the grazing horse.

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