butterfly bouquet

May 10, 2020

A very Happy Mother’s Day, whether your little ones are the human variety, now fully grown, or the canine or feline variety, or whether your cared for charges are swimming in aquarium or pond, or preening their feathers, know you are loved, and enjoy your day in the sun.

‘Butterfly Buffet’
watercolour, 5″ x 7″, Arches 140# Hot Press Paper
by Lance Weisser

8 Responses to “butterfly bouquet”

  1. ….I’m very glad to hear you say so, Kerfe, thank you!

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  2. ….the fallout for using alliteration ala Steve Schwartzman. (just between us?–they were delicious)

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  3. I hope the alliterative “Butterfly Buffet” implies only a metaphorical eating.

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  4. sue clancy said

    So welcome!! Keep up the good work!!!

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  5. ….Thank you Kerfe–love your Kingfisher!

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  7. sue clancy said

    Very nice composition!!! Nice colors too!!

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  8. memadtwo said

    Thanks Lance. This is lovely. (K)

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