Western Wall

January 31, 2020

I’m not much of a traveller. Outside of Canada and 45 U.S. States, I’ve visited Taiwan, The Philippines, and Israel. In 1990, the regional tensions were at an uneasy rest and we were able to go all through areas like The West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights.

It is geographically and culturally stunning. Some places are visited for their beaches, their ability to bring an almost somnambulant quality, where rest and relaxation are a given. Israel offers endless contrasts, confrontation, challenge and comparison. I doubt anyone can go and have their presuppositions confirmed. I am quite sure everyone who leaves, leaves changed.

I have never been so moved by a place and a people as I was in Israel.

“Morning Prayer”
watercolour on Arches Cold Press 140# Paper
by Lance Weisser
12″ x 16″

7 Responses to “Western Wall”

  1. That would be very nice.

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  2. Thank you Steve. At the time I was clergy and part of Jewish-Christian Dialogue of Montreal. Our Jewish colleagues provided us with the all expenses paid trip, for which I’ll be forever grateful.


  3. This is so different from most other works of yours. It must show how impressed you were with Israel.

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  4. artbykcp said

    Awesome piece Lance so different from your usual creations. Love it.

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  5. What a friend you are, Barry Comer. How I’d love to meet over coffee some day!


  6. You never fail to amaze me. So glad you had that experience.

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