The Long Wait

January 17, 2020

Two days ago I left the house at 9am.  Between then and returning at noon, our pipes had frozen.  It was -23C (-9.5F).  On the coldest day so far in 2020–with pipes freezing all across Kamloops, B. C.–the search for an available plumber was on.  Four tries later, I snagged one just finishing up in our neighbourhood, and an hour-and-a-half –and $165– later, we heard that lovely sound of water bursting out of multiple taps.

Waiting for Spring, 10 x 8, January 2019

“The Long Wait”, 10″ x 8″, watercolour on art board

by Lance Weisser

Seeing our rescuing plumber to the door, I saw we’d gotten some mail.  It was our first-of-many, colourful Spring Seed Catalogs.

8 Responses to “The Long Wait”

  1. Oh thank you Liz for stopping by and making these encouraging comments.


  2. ….as the saying goes “I hear you!”


  3. ….where you live is a visual smorgasbord–thank you for your praise and encouragement, Jana.


  4. Jana Bouc said

    …don’t miss frozen pipes either (I meant to say)!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jana Bouc said

    So beautiful and evocative. No snow here in SF Bay Area and though I appreciate the weather here and don’t miss trying to get around in snowy weather, I do miss seeing the quiet beauty you’ve so perfectly captured here.


  6. Liz RS said

    Oh my . . . how I remember my parents dealing with frozen pipes. It was never any fun. love your crows, love them.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ….thank you for getting it! lol.


  8. Your photo combines with your last sentence to make it seem the crows are waiting for plants to come up.


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