A Plaid Christmas

December 26, 2019

My partner and spouse Raul loves Christmas the way all Filipinos love Christmas:  he LOVES Christmas.  In The Philippines, the decorations start coming out at the beginning of September.  With no Halloween and Thanksgiving interrupting things, Christmas prep can start as soon as summer is deemed to be finished.  In our house there’s a rule where no Christmas trappings can come out from storage until Remembrance Day.  This year, at 5 am on November 11th I awoke to hearing the Christmas trees being freed from their storage confines.  My weak attempts to postpone all this until after the Remembrance Day observances at 11 am, went unheeded.

This year it was a plaid Christmas upstairs, and a gold and white Christmas in the front alcove/entry downstairs, with a purple and silver tree in the rec room.  Next year?  Apparently we’re having a pink Christmas–but, pastel pink and dove grey.  He can’t wait–but has to, life being what it is, lol.  And now you know what all our storage space is crammed with.



BTW, all those gorgeously wrapped gifts under the trees?  Empty.  Every. Single. One.

11 Responses to “A Plaid Christmas”

  1. ….oh how kind. Maki, it was such a pleasure having my hair cut by you last week, and to see your remarkable progress in watercolour. You really have a lovely touch, and I think you’ve found your medium!


  2. Maki from westsyde hair salon said

    I’m sure you you hear this before but “your paintings are so beautiful. I love them all . Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit your blog.

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  3. Yes, it’s fun to put up but a pain to take down! 🤔

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  4. …thank you! I’ll tell Raul, who is just now dismantling the last of it, hahahaha.


  5. Fabulous decorating! Our storage locker is crammed full of Christmas so I can imagine what yours looks like.

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  6. So kind of you–and so true, thank you da-AL

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  7. da-AL said

    So sweet, the both of you accepting & reveling in each other! My honey is from Iran — sometimes the blending of cultures is a lovely surprise — sometimes the surprise is how entrenched I am in my own ideas of ‘how things should be’ lol

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  8. ….thinking of you these days, Kelly. I hope your neck is better! THANK YOU!!!


  9. artbykcp said

    Totally fabulous, love it, my Christmas was really low key this year, couldnt get into it with losing my little brother, however I see you guys managed to create celebration for me. Loved your story and actually thats the way the love of Christmas should be. Thanks Lance and hope you both have an amazing year. xoxo

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  10. Well, at least, Barry Comer, I didn’t get coal.


  11. Barry Comer said

    Empty! Ha Ha. Poor Lance.

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