Winter Corn

February 26, 2019

Yes, it is probably apparent by now that I have an ongoing fascination with Ravens. I’m not alone. There’s a woman in the historic house section of our city of Kamloops not-so-affectionately known by her neighbours as ‘the crow lady’, whom I depicted in an earlier post entitled ‘Where The Heart Is’:

‘Where The Heart Is’, watercolour by Lance Weisser

She is known as ‘the crow lady’ because starting in late autumn and all through the ensuing winter, ‘crow lady’ fills a number of her vintage bird baths with cat kibble as corvid bird food. Her historic home then becomes wreathed in a continuous flight of ascending and descending crows, ravens, and starlings, and their distinctive din of calls and caws as they attack her bird baths.

I do believe there’s even a by-law ‘crow lady’ continuously violates, but it doesn’t seem to dint her enthusiasm for ensuring her lovely noisey visitors are kept fed and satisfied.

In tribute to my friend Joan (aka ‘crow lady’), I offer up today’s honouring of local ravens, these few trying their best to find themselves a few kernels of corn.

Winter Corn, 5.5 x 10, watercolour on art board by Lance Weisser

No doubt when they’re through scratching away here, they’ll give up and head over to Joan’s.

9 Responses to “Winter Corn”

  1. All your paintings are lovely and have a really nice soft technique to them. I enjoy reading your short essays about each scene. So fun!

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  2. You have kind words. Thank you.

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  3. ….I do so enjoy yours also. You live in a very special place and you have an eye for every natural detail.

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  4. You watercolors are lovely


  5. Thank you Liz! And, wow!, back at/to you–I didn’t realize I’d painted some birds for you for your husband a few years ago!–at least I’ve forgotten that. I’m glad we’ve been able to reconnect, and I wish you well in your amazing life journey and it is really very special that we share the image of Ravens in common. You have a much deeper connection than I, being a Spirit Woman. I just find the species fascinating, and enjoy watching them around our place.
    Don’t feel any need to respond to what I wrote in any great detail, unless of course you feel moved to do so.
    We both share in the creative urge to express ourselves and sometimes that urge gets sequestered or sabotaged by life around us.
    We’ll continue to follow one another’s progress, eh?
    I hope your weekend is going well.
    Very cold up here -11C.
    Lance in Kamloops, B. C.


  6. Liz RS said

    Hi Lance – thank you so very much for your kind, helpful and very meaningful response to my question about creativity on my blog. I have tried to publish a response 3 times and I have gotten no where. So this is my first response, below. But first and to be shared later – I am a crow lady – “Lady Raven Spirit” which makes me a bit in awe of these paintings!!!!!!!

    Response: OMG – it’s you. I have some of your birds that I bought for my husband a few years ago. Wow what an incredible response! There is so very much to absorb. There is a real fullness to your response, it is so full and it has made me so happy. But I must give it a lot of thought before I can leave my response. I am going to do that Monday (today is Saturday and we have commitments all weekend) when I have had time to think. Although I could be wrong, I think that your name is Larry – so thank you Larry, thank you so much and I will respond Monday.


  7. krcc said

    Somehow 4 of the dogscan fit on her and her husband’s bed too. Only 2 allowed there? I’m not a pet owner, but I know just to keep hamsters and fish in the house were a handful on the past.

    Your artwork is definitely beautiful to see. I woulda been happy to see art like yours when I used to go to Art Fairs when I lived in S. Carolina before.

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  8. Did you say TWENTY-SIX DOGS?? Our by-laws allow a maximum of TWO! Thank you for your kind words about my work–good of you.

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  9. krcc said

    The painting of Joan and her home is awesome! Like a movie scene.

    In regards to her possibly violating laws as she feeds them, reminds me of someone I know who owned 26 dogs that roamed in and out of her house.

    Great post!

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