Taste of Spring

April 17, 2018

A painting drawing on a style in keeping with children’s books illustration, this painting was done for my niece and great-niece and nephews.  It was done more than ten years ago now, and is of a fictional place that now seems more like Middle Earth than anywhere else.

Taken by a low grade camera through glassed-in frame, I hesitated before posting this….


‘Fields of Home’, watercolour by Lance Weisser

Arches Hot Press 140 lb paper,

10″ x 16″

collection of R. Jones & Family

11 Responses to “Taste of Spring”

  1. Lovely of you to say so, Sharon, thank you so much.

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  2. ….not a fraction as difficult as photographing deep sea at night!!!


  3. Very kind and nice of you to say so, Steve. You have such a hands-on view of your subject matter, and are the envy of many that way!


  4. I wish I could see a more-detailed view. Our originals contain so much more information than our blog versions.

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  5. Victor Ho said

    Well done. It’s very hard to photograph through glass.

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  6. Very magical scene, Lance.

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  7. artbykcp said

    Keep up the great work Lance.

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  8. Thank you so much Susan and congratulations

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  9. It’s wonderful. Lucky children.

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