‘A Play of Jays’

January 13, 2018

We know the fun which comes from discovering how groups of birds are labelled and identified:

  • a convocation of eagles
  • a wake of buzzards
  • a parliament of owls
  • an exaltation of larks
  • an ostentation of peacocks

Jays have two possibles–a ‘scold’, or a ‘play’–and given their feisty nature, both can be true at once.  Here in Western Canada we have the Steller Jay, as well as the Whisky Jack or Grey Jay.  Eastern Canada is home to the more familiar Blue Jay.

A Play of Jays, watercolour, 8 x 30, Feb. 2017, for Visual Journey Show.jpg

“A Play of Jays”, watercolour by Lance Weisser, 8″ x 30″, 140 lb. Saunders Waterford Hot Press Paper. Sold.

4 Responses to “‘A Play of Jays’”

  1. ….thank you Steve–given the narrow/long dimensions, I couldn’t fit it all in the space without sacrificing closeness! But I’m glad you stuck with it long enough to see what’s going on and told me so.

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  2. Given the size of the digital image and the distance of my eyes from the screen, I took the white parts of the jays to be snow and didn’t initially see the birds at all. Eventually the blue won out and brought the jays into existence for me.

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  3. I always admire your own innate composition sense, Barry, thank you so much.

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  4. Great design sir

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