Commissioned Winter Landscape

January 7, 2018

A friend was redoing her home’s interior and wanted a painting which depicted her love of the kind of silence which is found after a fresh snowfall in a wintry wood.  Since she and I both live in the same area which features the beautiful Jamieson Creek, there was an immediate and familiar subject at hand to draw on…..

commission piece for Ellen Schaffer

Today we have dense fog (it’s like something out of Sherlock Holmes out there–I can barely see across the street) with a forecast of sleet and wet snow — a nightmare for drivers, but a delight for painters, lol.  Few of my friends love Winter, yet it is just so beautifully atmospheric, with its mystery and visual drama.

6 Responses to “Commissioned Winter Landscape”

  1. Barry, it is wonderful to hear from you–thank you for welcoming me back, and happy 2018.


  2. I am very happy to see your work and missed you.

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  3. What a lovely compliment, Sharon–thank you.

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  4. I feel like I’m stepping into the silence you are depicting. Exquisite painting.


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