View from The Plaza

December 30, 2017

Winter Eve Old Firehall 1, 11x16, Feb 2017

Sometimes views from the rear of well-known places provides a bit more visual interest and in this case the back of our Kamloops Plaza Hotel provides a view of another heritage building, the tower of Old Firehall No. 1. In the near distance are the local mountains and the whole scene finished with groupings of our perennial downtown pigeons and crows during an evening snow shower. The painting hung for some time in the Courthouse Gallery before being sold to a lover of downtown and The Plaza in particular.


It is good to be back publishing after a rather prolonged hiatus. I do hope all of you are well and wish you a very happy and healthy 2018!

5 Responses to “View from The Plaza”

  1. Thank you so much, and Happy 2018!


  2. Thank you Sharon and the best wishes for another creative year ahead!

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  3. Happy New Year! Beautiful view and painting!

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  4. Anonymous said

    Good to see you back!


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