….Raven rave

March 9, 2016

Having found a frame the perfect colour and size for a larger version of the Raven painting done a few days ago, this is turning out to be a Raven rave of sorts, this time a little more wintry.


7″ x 7″ on Arches Hot Press #140 paper

19 Responses to “….Raven rave”

  1. That’s no craven raven.

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  2. Victor Ho said

    Such a wonderful photo image… then I realize it’s painted and the realism and feel is so stunning.

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  3. Thank you for your supportive following of my blog, Cathe, very much!


  4. Cynthia, you made me laugh out loud!


  5. THANK YOU Laura. I know you love birds, and that makes your comment all the more special.


  6. ….thank you so very much, Deb. I’m always proud when you like my work!


  7. Rebecca, that Beefeater you mentioned is famous! I’ve seen him featured on television programmes highlighting the Tower and its Ravens. Thank you for your generous remarks and this story!


  8. Cathe said

    I love your Raven rave! Beautiful haunting work.

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  9. Teri C said

    Love it! So evocative and powerful.

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  10. Exquisite…the dignity of a nun….

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  11. So transportive! It’s like I’m
    right there, looking up into the trees and hearing the beautiful raven’s caw. Thank you, Lance.

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  12. debiriley said

    Lance this is awesome! great composition and I love the nearly monochromatic color palette. You injected a great deal into the small format, a task not all can do successfully! This is very cool! cheers, Debi

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  13. Ravens are such lovely birds, I totally get your rave about them. We had a talk a couple of weeks ago, for our hospice patients from a beefeater from the Tower of London, he was so interesting, and of course the tower is famous for its Ravens, Sadly he came alone!!


  14. Thank you Catherine!


  15. Thank you very much Teresa.


  16. It’s really atmospheric and stunning, Lance! The muted palette is perfect.

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