….draw a bird day

March 8, 2016

Teresa Robeson reminded me of ‘bird day’ (https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/4736591/posts/949345080#comments) with her striking rendition of an exotic Araripe Manakin from Brazil.

Here is a far more humble (don’t tell it that!) species, but at least I’m doing my birdy duty this Tuesday morning…..


1.5″ x 2″ on Arches Hot Press 140# Paper

I saw my first one two weeks ago–around the third week of February–which is so early for this region, it is nuts.  When they get here, they go for Mountain Ash berries and other withering, over-wintered types of fruit, until their usual fare of insects and worms become accessible.  They are in breeding mode preoccupied with all their parental preparations.

10 Responses to “….draw a bird day”

  1. ….thank you Cathe and Sharon!


  2. Cathe said

    What a beautiful Robin. Love the richness of the color!

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  3. Lance, Your miniature robin is so detailed and appealing. So glad you joined in with the rest of the birds today!!

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  4. Catherine, I just took a gander at your rendering of a Canada Goose (punny, huh?) It’s fab.


  5. ….thank you for your enthusiasm over all our work, which we certainly share over yours, Charlie! You showcase so many wonderful painters, and each has such distinctive style.


  6. Teresa you are so right that our Robins are amazing, and soooo anticipated by us every year. I never tire of seeing them cock their heads when ferreting out worms, and see them teaching this art to their babies. Thank you for keeping me honest about ‘draw a bird day’ (smile).


  7. Your miniatures always enthrall me… I love this one. You pack a lot of beautiful detail into such a small format!

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  8. It’s beautiful! I love how many countries have robins and they are slightly different from each other. The robins here are huge.

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  9. Stupid autocorrect…the “my re” should not be there.

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  10. The American Robin may be my re common but they’re amazing birds that migrate long distances and you sure made this fellow noble looking! I’m so glad I reminded you so you could share this beautiful piece with us!

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