November 14, 2015

It is the most blessed of months heralding the muted pallet–the toned-down greens, beefed-up greys, complex browns, accents of burnt orange, titian–trees simply/complexly themselves, displaying their line, frost-kissed leaves flashing their last colour, refusing dismissal.

Wonderous November--leaf-whipping, mini-cyclones, clouds suddenly letting forth face-lashing first flakes on towards frost-spongy earth–days framed by late mornings and early evenings, one’s home truly one’s castle, warming against the elements.

wells gray November a

Showboats gone, one paddles purposefully, keeping warm, the lapping sounds musical, deep-throated rooks ricocheting their call round rocky bends echoing, bouncing off glassy surfaces, wood-smoky mists rising.

Banished is the garish, overly-festooned–any and all too-muchness falling away to let be what simply is…..


Winter’s cusp

Summer’s compliment

Spring’s concealer

20 Responses to “….November”

  1. …Robin, you are SO supportive–your work has so much soul


  2. ….Deb, I didn’t have the guts to use teal blue (smile!)

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  3. Robin King said

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful — painting and words! Gorgeous colors. And I esp like the area of mist above the water, so delicate and powerful all at the same time. 🙂

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  4. debiriley said

    this is very lovely. the water and the mountains are gorgeous! great work Lance!

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  5. ….I am really enjoying your site, Marlene Lee. Thank you for visiting and your kindness in commenting.

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  6. Marlene Lee said


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  7. …fellow painter,Jen, I just visited your lovely blog and there is a great deal there for everyone to ponder and enjoy and learn from. thank you for coming by and commenting on mine!


  8. …Andrew, thank you very much for enjoying this painting and taking the time to stop and tell me so!


  9. Sharon, we can’t be fond of Ravens and Crows and not also be fond of November! (smile) They seem to thrive this time of year, or is it just that now it becomes quieter we hear them more often?


  10. …Cynthia, I’m grateful for your persistence in trying to add a comment, because it is a wonderful one to read (as usual), and gives me heart to know we share a love for this season of seasons!


  11. Jen Chaudhry said


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  12. wonderful painting. Love the way you colored this one.

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  13. I too love November Lance, the palette in the desert also takes on muted colors of gray greens, muted yellows and rusty red and orange. Thank you for your beautiful narrative and painting today.

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  14. Hi Lance….I have written two comments now, and none are appearing on your blog. I just wanted to say the painting and the poetry are so invigorating after reading so many blogs recently about the doom and gloom of November. I love this time, when we can know the difference between indoors and out in so many crisp and clear ways. Glad you do too.

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  15. Beautiful words and image!

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  16. ….Rebecca, your encouraging is a tonic, pushing us all to greater challenges, and I am grateful


  17. Rebecca said

    What an atmospheric picture Lance – the promontory with its trees and cliff and its reflection are absolutely super! 🙂

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  18. …Teresa, everything about you is ‘more kindly’, thank you so much.


  19. That is so, so gorgeous (and a lovely post to go with it), it makes me look upon November more kindly. 🙂

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