back from outer space

October 20, 2015

THANK YOU BARRY COMER for waking me from my blogging slumber.  It happens.  Either I fall behind and feel there’s nothing really worth posting, or I find myself so intrigued by other bloggers and what they’re into that I don’t actually do any painting because I’m so busy visiting sites and commenting.  In any case, I’ve been known to disappear from the blogosphere from time to time (the last time it was 2+ years)

So thank you Barry for emailing me to see if I’d fallen off the edge of the world.  It is very kind.

From All About Birds:  “. . . Steller’s Jay — a large, dark jay of evergreen forests in the mountainous West. Steller’s Jays are common in forest wildernesses but are also fixtures of campgrounds, parklands, and backyards, where they are quick to spy bird feeders as well as unattended picnic items. When patrolling the woods, Steller’s Jays stick to the high canopy, but you’ll hear their harsh, scolding calls if they’re nearby. Graceful and almost lazy in flight, they fly with long swoops on their broad, rounded wings. . . .”


A great part of my life was lived in Eastern N. America, only moving West from the Province of Quebec 25 years ago.  In any case, I’d never even heard of a Steller’s Jay, much less seen one, or even a photograph.

So it was a great surprise to go camping on Vancouver Island and hear these jarring, abrasively-rasping taunts and chatters upbraiding us as we sat at our picnic table to eat.  Down from the tops of the firs came a trio of Steller’s Jays, undoubtedly attempting to scare us off, charging branch to branch to the ground, their head tuffs spread aggressively, feet planted far apart, looking up at every forkful we ate.  They are something like a caricature of a Blue Jay, if that’s even possible.  I mean, I thought Blue Jays were annoying — Steller’s Jays take that attitude and Snoop Dog it.

Once we’d left to go to the beach, they went to town on whatever food was left.  They could teach raccoons a thing or two.



20 Responses to “back from outer space”

  1. Ahhhh….you were quiet, welcome back, missed you, now I really love this one, love it so much it is the sort of painting I would have on my wall, which is the best sort of like.


  2. Welcome back. You are missed


  3. I know exactly what you mean. Lately, I’ve thought of taking a hiatus myself. I did change when I blog, that has helped.


  4. Haha…that probably won’t happen either as Philippe and I usually shun parties. But you make it sound fun!!! 😉👍🏻

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  5. Rebecca said

    The pleasure’s all mine! I’m not doing much painting myself at the moment as time is pressing, but it’s still great to see yours. 🙂

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  6. ….Hi Charlie–hello, friend. Thank you for your caring response. I can’t even begin to imagine you doing anything in a scary creepy way, hahahaha — although next week all bets are off as you ladle drinks with monster hands from a bubbling punch bowl. Thank you so much.

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  7. ….my, but you are a tonic, Barry. It is touching.


  8. –we are two bird appreciators, aren’t we though, Sharon? Thank you for understanding my little absence–when I let things slide, it is difficult to find a way back, but Barry did that for me (smile)

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  9. oh Rebecca, you are always here to lend support and encouragement to fellow painters–thank you

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  10. hahahaha–thanks Deb, and yes, thank you Barry!

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  11. Great to see you back…missed seeing your lovely work and reading your posts. 🙂

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  12. Thank you Jodi, for your perennial smiling encouragements–I appreciate you very much.

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  13. Jodi said

    Welcome back Lance. So good to hear from you and see your beautiful art again! 😊

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  14. debiriley said

    Hi Lance, missed seeing you, glad you’re back! Tell Barry thank you! what a gorgeous bluejay 🙂

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  15. Rebecca said

    Such beautiful colours, Lance – what a lovely picture. And it’s great to see you back here! 🙂

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  16. Welcome back Lance, sometimes it’s good to take a break. Your Stellar’s Jay is striking!

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  17. You are very welcome. I missed you, your creative expression and being comrades.

    Glad you are back.


  18. Thank you Barry!! And too funny…I was literally thinking about you yesterday and was going to try to hunt you down!! Not in a creepy scary way…just missed your posts friend!! This is lovely! 😃so happy you’ve returned!!


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